VL Series: Modular Pick-Up Vertical Lathes for Chucked Parts

Flexible stand-alone machines with EMAG technology, the compact design means that the modules can be closely positioned while the maintenance and servicing areas are easily accessible from the rear. This makes Modular Standard machines easy to link, therefore ideal for line production.

VL 2 – Vertical Pick-Up Turning Machine for Chucked Components up to 100 mm in Diameter

A stable machine structure, dynamic axes and ease of operation - these are the outstanding features of the VL series vertical turning machines. Based on a completely new modular machine concept, VL 2 vertical lathes make it possible to utilize various production technologies for soft and hard machining with integrated automation and a pick-up spindle, all while providing the best value for the investment.

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VL 2

VL 4

VL 4 - Vertical Turning Machines for Chucked Components up to 200 mm in Diameter

Increased flexibility and diverse manufacturing capabilities for both soft and hard machining are two of the major advantages offered by EMAG’s new VL 4 vertical turning machine design. The design of the machine also permits for the easy interlinking of multiple machines, allowing the line automation to be customized to fit the customers’ requirements. The increased flexibility that this vertical lathe allows in the machining of a wide range of chucked components makes it a great option for many different manufacturing functions, in a number of diverse industries.

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VL 6 – Vertical Lathe for the Machining of Heavy Workpieces up to 300 mm in Diameter

The VL 6 vertical lathe machine offers the same features as the newest EMAG modular designs in a vertical turning machine for larger, heavy workpieces. Equipped with a standard workpiece conveyor and pick-up spindle, the cnc lathe machine loads itself with minimized chip-to-chip times. With a machine base made of the polymer concrete MINERALIT®, a material well-known for its excellent damping quality, it offers extended tool life and outstanding surface finishes.

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VL 6

VL 8

VL 8 - CNC Turning at the Highest Level for Chucked Parts up to 400 mm in Diameter

With the VL 8 vertical pick-up turning machine EMAG makes the advantages of its VL series available for large parts as well. The automation system integrated into the turning machines guarantees rapid processing, while the stable basic structure of the machine ensures top quality in turning and milling. The vertical design likewise contributes to the high machining quality, as it virtually eliminates all effects of chips generated during machining.

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